Indiana WIC Office

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Office Address City Phone Details
Noble County WIC Program
774 Trail Ridge Road, Suite B
Albion IN 46701
Albion(260) 636-2600
Whitley County WIC Program
220 W. Van Buren Street, Suite 106
Albion IN 46725
Albion(260) 244-2315
Dekalb County WIC Program
265 N Grandstaff Drive
Albion IN 46706
Albion(260) 925-1740
Lagrange County WIC Program
304 N. Townline Road, Suite 1
Albion IN 46761
Albion(260) 499-4182
United Faith Presbyterian Church WIC
1616 West Main Street
Albion IN 46808
Albion(260) 423-2585
Neighborhood Health Clinics WIC Fort Wayne
1717 S. Calhoun Street
Albion IN 46802
Albion(260) 458-2641
Madison County WIC Program
206 East Ninth Street
Anderson IN 46016
Anderson(765) 646-9272
Madison County WIC Program
208 South Anderson Street
Anderson IN 46036
Anderson(765) 552-9916
Indiana Health Centers Hamilton County WIC - United Way Service Center
942 North 10Th Street
Anderson IN 46060
Anderson(317) 776-3445
Henry County WIC Program
615 State Road 38 West
Anderson IN 47362
Anderson(765) 529-4403
Hancock County WIC Clinic
828 North State Street
Anderson IN 46140
Anderson(317) 462-3552
Tipton County WIC Program
116 South Main Street, Suite F
Anderson IN 46072
Anderson(765) 252-1052
Steuben County WIC Program
317 South Wayne Street, Suite 3C
Angola IN 46703
Angola(260) 668-1000
Lawrence County WIC Program - Community Health And Wellness Center WIC
2415 Mitchell Road
Bedford IN 47421
Bedford(812) 279-6222
Monroe County WIC Program
333 East Miller Drive
Bedford IN 47401
Bedford(812) 353-3221
Martin County WIC Program At Federal Building
2Nd And Main Streets
Bedford IN 47581
Bedford(812) 247-3303
Orange County WIC Program
204 East Main Street
Bedford IN 47454
Bedford(812) 723-4131
Brown County WIC Program
54 W Pittman House Lane
Bedford IN 47448
Bedford(812) 988-6792
Washington County WIC Program - Hilltop Plaza
190 West Becks Mill, Suite E
Bedford IN 47167
Bedford(812) 883-1394
Adams County WIC - Berne Site - Swiss City Medical Center
Hwy. 218 West
Berne IN 46711
Berne(260) 589-2859
Adams County WIC Program
313 West Jefferson, Room 143
Berne IN 46733
Berne(260) 724-8495
Wells County WIC Program
1100 South Main Street, 3Rd Floor
Berne IN 46714
Berne(260) 824-4180
Jay County WIC Program
521 South Wayne Street
Berne IN 47371
Berne(260) 726-9318
Coldwater Hospital WIC
800 West Main Street
Berne IN 45828
Darke-Mercer County WIC Program
117 West Fayette Street
Berne IN 45822
Daviess County WIC Program
2 North East 21St Street
Bicknell IN 47501
Bicknell(812) 254-0002
Greene County WIC Program
200 E. Main Street, Suite 1
Bloomfield IN 47424
Bloomfield(812) 384-3253
Owen County WIC Program
911 Hillside
Bloomfield IN 47460
Bloomfield(812) 829-0303
Jasonville WIC Clinic - Senior Citizens Building
145 South Lawton
Bloomfield IN 47438
Bloomfield(812) 442-0573
Clay City WIC Clinic - Clay City Town Hall
111 West 8Th Street
Bloomfield IN 47841
Bloomfield(812) 442-0573

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